The Melancholy of Resistance, Babel Publishing House, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014

Destroy and Sorrow Under the Heaven, Seagull Books, Mumbai-London, India-UK, 2014

Satantango, Cappelen Damm AS, Oslo, Norway, 2014

Satantango, Yi Lin Press, Shanghai, China, 2014

War and War, Shanghai99, Shanghai, China, 2014

War and War, Zandonai, Rovereto, Italy, 2014

Die Welt voran, S.Fischer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015

Relations of Grace, Vagabonde, Paris, France, 2015

From North a Hill, from South a Lake, from West roads, from East a river, New Directions, New York. 2015

Seiobo There Below, Acantilado, Barcelona, Spain, 2015

The Melancholy of Resistance, Forlaget Sisyfos, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2015

Satantango, Editora 34, São Paulo, Brazil, 2015

Satantango, P A Norstedt & Söner AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017


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